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If you suffer from dental anxiety, then you know just how debilitating the condition can be. Knowing that you need dental attention is not enough to compel you to visit the dentist, given the terror and panic that you feel at the simple thought of walking into the office. This is a serious phobia that many adults experience, and you risk serious oral health complications if you can’t find a way to overcome your anxiety and seek dental care. By finding a dental practice that offers compassionate care to patients with dental anxiety and by communicating with them about your fears, you can better cope with your anxiety and give your mouth the attention it deserves.

Be Honest

You don’t have to feel embarrassed by or ashamed of your dental anxiety. Dentists are professionals who understand that every patient faces unique oral health challenges. You can trust that you are in a judgement-free zone where your feelings will be appreciated and validated. Sharing your feelings and fears with your dentist will help to ensure that your treatments and procedures are completed in a way that is sensitive of your anxiety. You can share bad experiences from the past to make sure they don’t happen again.

Agree on a Signal

Many people with dental anxiety assume that they will be helpless to take any control over their dental care. This feeds the sense of anxiety based on fears of helplessness. Prevent this from happening to you by explaining your fears to your dentist and agreeing on a signal that indicates you are in pain or need a break. This puts you back in control of your dental experience and ensures that you won’t have to endure pain and discomfort.

Ask For Sedation

If your dental anxiety can’t be quelled with other methods, don’t hesitate to ask about the option of dental sedation. Nitrous oxide, also known as laughing gas, helps to relax you during procedures, and intravenous conscious sedation can ease your pain and discomfort while keeping you awake. Full sedation is even an option in the appropriate situations. All you need to do is ask, and you dentist can offer you the right solution for your anxiety.

Coping with dental anxiety is also much easier when you visit a dental practice that specializes in providing empathetic and personalized care to those with dental anxiety. Coral Springs Oral Surgery has locations in Hollywood and Coral Springs, Florida to serve all patients in the area with truly compassionate care. Whether you need wisdom teeth extraction, dental implants, or oral surgery, Coral Springs Oral Surgery will give you the help you need. Call (954) 870-4826 today to make your appointment.