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There isn’t a single adult who isn’t familiar with the burden of stress, whether from financial problems, job responsibilities, or family complications. However, dental anxiety brings stress to an entirely different level that many patients have difficulty overcoming. Sometimes known as dental phobia, dental anxiety can be identified as feelings of panic and terror at the mere idea of visiting the dentist. Because of this, most people suffering from dental anxiety rarely see the dentist, unless forced to by extreme and debilitating pain. If you count yourself among the adults who experience dental anxiety, try these preparation tips to walk into your dentist appointment feeling cool, calm, and collected.

Prepare Distractions

Just like doctors are trained to distract young children before they receive a shot, you can prepare different methods of distraction before heading into your dental appointment. Bring along headphones to your appointment and listen to your favorite music or audiobook. Not only will this give you something different to focus on, but it will also drown out those unpleasant dental noises that are known to cause fear. In today’s tech world, you could even watch a movie on your phone or tablet during your appointment! Playing with a stress ball or fidget spinner might also help to alleviate your nerves.

Practice Mindfulness

Since anxiety is a product of the mind, it can also be counteracted with specific mindfulness techniques. Breathing exercises are often undervalued ways to relax your tension and help you remain calm. For example, try to count your breaths. Inhale slowly as you count, then exhale slowly for the same amount of time. You can complete this activity on your way to the dentist, while in the waiting room, or during your procedure itself. Many patients also find it helpful to do a mental body scan that focuses on relaxing each muscle one at a time. In addition to physically relaxing your body and releasing built-up tension, this also gives your mind a constructive distraction.

Coping with dental anxiety is also much easier when you visit a dental practice that specializes in providing empathetic and personalized care to those with dental anxiety. Coral Springs Oral Surgery has locations in Hollywood and Coral Springs, Florida to serve all patients in the area with truly compassionate care. Whether you need wisdom teeth extraction, dental implants, or oral surgery, Coral Springs Oral Surgery will give you the help you need. Call (954) 870-4826 today to make your appointment.